Anglian Plant hire

  • The Anglian Group offers a complete plant hire service including quality equipment, skilled operators and customised management ensuring that your project develops as smoothly and efficiently as possible. It is our experience and foresight that enables us to provide service of exceptional quality




Anglian Group Plant Hire can supply all the necessary plant that you require for your site, all within one phone call away.

If we haven’t got what you need, then we’ll get it for you, the problem can become ours instead of yours, leaving you with the peace of mind to concentrate on running your site with less hassle and constant phone calls to various different suppliers.

Important aspects to efficient equipment productivity:

?Reliable equipment
?Quality operators
?Exceptional service

We specialise in these three critical factors to offer complete Plant Hire and Management Services.

We can arrange transport and plant insurance, sensible rates and supply machines with or without operators.







  • Anglian Plant Hire is a privately owned business. The Anglian Group has been operating for over 25 years, initially we supplied to the building industry alone but we then realised there is a big market in the home handyman and so we decided to broaden our range of equipment to suit a more specialised customer and in doing that our equipment ranges from the industrial maintenance and construction industry to home handy man..

  • Our equipment is serviced regularly and updated to meet the customer’s needs, our customer’s are our main focus and this is why our friendly staff are trained to give you the best possible service by explaining the correct operation of the equipment.




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plant machinery

  • All our plant operators are fully certified, highly trained and experienced. 
  • It is most important to choose the right machine for the job and Anglian Group Plant Hire can assist you in selecting the most appropriate machine. 
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