the Anglian group Block paving Department

Whether you want a nice driveway that will last for years to park your car on or a nice patio for those BBQ's in the sun, or maybe you just want to transform your garden.
Whatever the job, howevere big or small we give free surveys and estmates.


Why choose an Anglian group driveway?

An Anglian Group driveway can transform your home's kerb appeal with a beautiful, individual approach to your home that will last for generations to come.

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Block paving is not only beautiful, but is is incredibly practical and durable.

We use materials that are specified by top architects and new-build developers and are also capable of offering a solution to your existing brickwork so that it blends in harmoniously.


Domestic block paving is great for parking areas, driveways and rear garden patios.

It can also be installed to create winding pathways and steps, along with edging (detailing) around both front and rear gardens.


You can have paving in different styles with circles, octagons, and feature paving - giving you an individual touch to an otherwise bland area.

Paved areas look great if they are lit up and we can offer lighting to set-off your paving design.


Security posts and lighting that is automatic are regular features that our domestic and commercial customers ask for.

These finishing touches make your driveway something to be proud of when you come home or invite guests around.

Driveway lighting not only provides a pleasing touch but also gives peace of mind.


If you are returning home on a dark winter night, what could be more reassuring than lights to take you to your front door.

We offer modern low-energy lighting systems that are more environmentally friendly than power-hungry halogen lighting.

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Types of blocks and bricks

  • There two basic types of block paving; the moulded concrete block (CBP - Concrete Block Pavers), and the kiln-fired clay brick, hence the interchangeability of the terms block and brick paving. In the following notes, concrete types are referred to as blocks, and clays as bricks.

  • The bricks and blocks are available in a range of thicknesses, from 40mm to 100mm. There are even 120mm units for exceptional applications, but they are not likely to be found in stock at your local supplier! For domestic use, the 50mm or 60mm units are most suitable. 80mm thick units are used for road construction or where there will be regular vehicle overrun, while the 100mm thick units are for heavy-duty pavements such as those in Freight Yards, Ports and Airports. We find that the 40mm thick blocks are now (thankfully) difficult to obtain and offer no significant cost saving over a 50mm thick unit. They are/were also particularly prone to breakage during the compaction phase. of construction.

  • Elegant driveways designed using specially graded Fairstone Indian Sandstone setts enhance the kerb appeal of any property.

  • Fairstone setts bring out the natural beauty of real stone and blend well with most paving designs to create harmonious garden and driveway solutions.

  • The setts are supplied in two co-ordinating shades, Autumn Bronze and Silver Birch, with both split and tumbled and sawn and tumbled finishes. Cropped Silver Grey granite setts are also available.

  • Expanding the potential for domestic drainage solutions, Driveline and Drivesett channels are designed to channel excess water to soakaway within property boundaries in line with developing legislation.

  • Designed to blend with block paving and other surfaces, these channels contribute positively to a well balanced garden or driveway design.

  • Inset manhole covers and linear drains are also available to improve the look and performance of any scheme.

Structural design Of Pavements Using Concrete Block Paving



Concrete block paving can be used for a diversity of applications ranging from footpaths to heavy industrial pavemants. The pavers form part of an overall, flexible pavement construction. This is intended to dissipate the high streses applied to the surface (by loading and /or trafficking) so that much lower stress levels apply to the original ground or subgrade. Each design method provides thickness for various layers of material so that the subgrade can maintain its support and undue deformation of any part of the pavement is prevented. In addition the subgrade needs to be protected against local weather extremes, notably frost. The pavement constuction will normally consist of the layers shown below. although not all layers need to be present.